Bethany + Ziad – Lake Hefner Engagement

Golly gee, these two were a FANTASTIC couple to photograph!!  And their wedding is only a week and a half away!  I just love spring weddings, despite the worrying if it’s going to be stormy and grey the whole day.  (The engagement portrait session only had to be rescheduled once due to rain!  haha)

They had decided they wanted to do the session at Will Rogers Park, because it had many of the elements that represented their personalities well; such as the general woodsy feeling, the lakes, the brick walkways etc.  Well, when I arrived at the park at 6:10pm, I became absolutely wide-eyed-and-mouth-gaping-open disbelieving to discover something horrid.  Will Rogers Park now closes it’s gates at 5pm.  WHA?  Don’t they know that sunset is the best time for portrait photography??  Apparently not.  Luckily when Bethany and Ziad arrived they took the news well, and we decided to move the session over to Hefner Lake to see what they had to offer.  And boy, we were in luck!  The lake was so low that there was suddenly a huge beach surrounding the lake!  Simply gorgeous.  Oh, and not to mention the billions of seagulls, ducks and other birds hanging out in all their glory.

I also found my new favorite tree.  :D  So, sometimes the unexpected is sock-rockingly awesome.  Also, I usually only post blogs with normally processed images, with a few and black & white…  Well, I fell head over heels in love with this vintage style of processing, so about half the images in this post are in that style.  I think it just suits these particular photos so well!  Just something about it…

Lake Hefner - Encyclopaedia Britannica
25 Oct 2013 ... Lake Hefner, storage reservoir in northwestern Oklahoma City, U.S., that supplies
domestic ... What made you want to look up Lake Hefner? To

Congrats to Bethany & Ziad and I can’t wait to share your specialist of days with you!!

Lake Hefner EngagementOffbeat Oklahoma Wedding PhotographyLake Hefner EngagementLake Hefner EngagementLake Hefner Engagement

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City of Oklahoma City | Lake Hefner
Lake Hefner in northwest Oklahoma City is easily accessible from the Hefner
Parkway connecting I-44 to the Kilpatrick Turnpike. The lake was built in 1947.

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