Finally... an easy, step-by-step, "join the dots" way of making NTBackup work!

Key benefits and achievements

  • Transform NTBackup into a reliable, rock-solid and dependable backup solution
  • User friendly interface - setup in just 7 minutes
  • Eliminate complicated batch files, scripting and RSM headaches
  • Automatic scheduling in accordance with your choice of media rotation scheme
  • Enhanced emailed reports - vastly improved reporting that includes media usage reports (bytes used / capacity),
  • Fully integrated hardware support – tapes, USB HDDs, burning DVDs, FTP and more
  • Proven solution - helping over 15,000 system administrators in 70 countries for over 5 years and priced at just

Are you sick and tired of running into NTBackup problems? Confused by batch files, command line parameters, and media pools? Frustrated by poor scheduling functionality? Puzzled at why Microsoft made things so complex?

You are?

We've seen it thousands of times before... so that's why we created BackupAssist - a ready-made solution for NTBackup users.

In just a few minutes, you'll discover how you can put an end to the frustrations... for good!

1. Straightforward scheduling with industry-standard rotation schemes - no scripts, no batch-files, no hassles

Set up your backup jobs the easy way and save hours of your time with BackupAssist, which features straightforward scheduling with industry-standard rotation schemes.

Simply point and select your desired scheme – from simple daily schemes to the 'Grandfather-Father-Son' scheme.

You can also customize schemes with full, incremental and differential backups, monthly and weekly archiving policies, etc, to suit your specific needs. Normally, NTBackup doesn't provide any warning when things go wrong, leaving you vulnerable to crippling data loss! BackupAssist solves this problem by sending you an email notification after every backup, telling you whether the backup succeeded or failed. This foolproof system means that you'll always know the status of every backup - making the whole process more reliable, simple and convenient.

We've also included other useful information in the report, such as the media usage report which clearly shows you how much space your backup data is using, and how much is left on your backup device.

4. Fully integrated hardware support

With BackupAssist, you can easily:

  • Eject tapes after each backup, so it's ready to be swapped
  • Perform a “Safely Remove Hardware” (USB Eject) for USB HDDs after each backup, so it's ready to be swapped
  • Automatically assign the correct drive letter to USB drives that have been plugged into the wrong port
  • Burn your backup to BluRay, DVD or CD
  • FTP your backup
  • Manage your backups easily – choose how many to keep

And if you've ever had problems with tape media pools, you'll love BackupAssist because it manages it seamlessly, works around bugs in Windows and hides all of these complexities.

5. Proven solution - now used for 5 years and in over 70 countries

After helping tens of thousands of system administrators and over 30,000 installs, we're confident that you'll love BackupAssist. In fact, we think you'll also be impressed that how feature-rich the software is, and that you can also perform Exchange Mailbox backups, SQL backups, and more.

So try BackupAssist for yourself with our free 30 day trial, and end those NTBackup frustrations today!

Try BackupAssist

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Joel McCormick
Interwest Distributing Corporation, USA

I was referred to BackupAssist by my consultant and am very impressed at its ability to overcome the shortcomings of NTBackup.

I ran into snags using the Windows native NTBackup software and have too many other areas of responsibility to let this slow me down. BackupAssist made the difference.

Alan Corbett
Dr Black & Partners, UK

I struggled for over a week with NTBackup trying to get scheduled backups to work but to no avail.

Then I spotted your site in the recommended under Google. Within 1 hour I had downloaded the software, printed and studied the manual and got my backup working - and this is the third morning I have arrived at work to find the backup has completed successfully, completely without any interference from me. To say I am delighted would be an understatement!

Graham A. Wells
Graham Wells Law Firm, Canada

We needed a backup system that not only was foolproof - we had to be able to 'set it; and, forget it'. It also had to send us a message when it backed up successfully or when it did not back up successfully. It had to... tell us what files were giving problems. And as an added treat, it had to remind us to 'put in the tape'. Your product delivered 'in spades'.

We just set the tape in the morning [and] we are notified by email of the status of the previous night's backup. It is terrific!

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Ben Ahlquist
ETI International, USA

My personal favorite is getting emails everyday - that automation saves so much time and training.

Scott Young
Network Integration Solutions Inc, Canada

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Since Windows 2000 (and above), Microsoft has made media management a nightmare for a 'small' server. All the extra work required for media management is really not required for a simple backup schedule like ours. The feature in BackupAssist that is MOST VALUABLE is the ease of configuring a simple backup schedule and having the user insert the next tape in rotation and have it all just work, without the overhead of Microsoft Media Management.

Andrew Wood
NuWood Technologies, UK

Having struggled with NTBackup for months, BackupAssist came to the rescue and turned a problem into a solution.... It makes the NTBackup program work. Very user friendly and extremely easy to use.

David Elliott
Hampton Medical Ltd, UK

I attempted to use NTBackup and had many problems. Tried the 30-day trial of BackupAssist and knew immediately I would purchase.

The beauty of this software lies in its simplicity. I was installed and running backups within minutes.

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