A Can of Cheese and an Idea
Posted by Scot on Feb 22nd, 2011 | 4 comments Never been there. I own exactly one Bob Marley CD. Along with the rest of the world, I loved cheering for the Jamaican Bobsled Team at the Winter Olympics.
Basements and Rec Rooms Stylish Basement Remodels When we think of a basement, a dark, unwelcoming room usually comes to mind. We think of an undecorated, boring space that most people use for storage.
RZR Street Legal in Texas
Re: RZR Street Legal in Texas Hey Bronson, when i was digging trying to figure out how to get mine registered i learned this: there is a statute in texas law that says a whole bunch of things but it boils down to this.
Really easy food safe HASH oil.
Obtain alcohol. I like everclear, but 91% IPA should work fine. Obtain kief. This can be obtained by screen sifting, by using a grinder with a kief catcher, by stretching a silk cloth over a bowl of weed, or by using a special hand cranked kief rubbing device.
A Jamba Lunch
Hello hello! I hope your Thursday is going well! This weekend is just sneaking right up on me – anyone else?! No complaints there! This morning began with an easy breakfast – peanut butter, half of a sliced banana, chia seed, and a drizzle of honey on wheat toast.
The Zyrtec Effect
My believe and experience is that many people that go into medicine change after some years, for example, because of work overload, group pressure (from within and without the profession: ‘¡don’t be a softy, patients will eat you up…!
Do Powdered Eggs Contain Protein?
One tablespoon of powdered eggs contains 26 calories. Eggs are among the highest quality protein foods because they provide each of the amino acids your body needs to function properly.
Cold salad with spicy mustard sauce
Have you ever tasted a traditional Korean cold salad, called naengchae in Korean? Whenever I make this style of salad, I use a spicy mustard sauce or a garlic sauce as a dressing. I’ll show you the garlic sauce someday, but in this this recipe Korean salad is pretty loose – you can make it with pretty much anything you have in the fridge, not just what I use here.
Our Favorite
Recipe:   Guacamole Fresh avocado and lime juice are essential to guacamole. Other ingredients vary by recipe. Onions, chiles, garlic, tomatoes, and cilantro are most commonly included. You'll be amazed how easy it is to create your own delicious combination.
How It's Made: Sports Equipment Quiz
If you think sports equipment is churned out by some anonymous factory that also makes lava lamps and garden gnomes, think again. Depending on the sport, the making of its equipment may involve anything from skilled, experienced craftsmen to high-tech computerized equipment.
How to Make a Glowstick
Edit Article 455,150 views 54 Editors Edited Those glowing Mountain Dew videos with peroxide and baking soda are all hoaxes. To truly make a glowstick without breaking an already-made glowstick and shoving its contents into a tube (also known as cheating), you've gotta let your inner scientist out (along with a few dollars).
Knee Replacement Procedure:
Main content Knee Replacement Procedure: What Happens During Surgery During a knee replacement procedure, your doctor will remove the damaged portions of your knee joint and replace them with artificial materials.
Elegant Touch UV gel nails and Envy Wraps Bling nails wraps review
A week or two ago I got to have a browse of all of the new ranges of nails and nail wraps from Elegant Touch.  Although I have fairly long nails, I do envy the glossy and perfect finish people get from their falsies, so I was excited to try my first pack of Elegant Touch's UV gel coat nails.
The can’t-miss header design technique that makes any site or blog look good, even if you have NO idea what you’re doing
The can’t-miss header design technique that makes any site or blog look good, even if you have NO idea what you’re doing Ever noticed how some header images look stunning, while others are a bit of a hot mess?
Homemade gluten-free waffles {vegan, too!}
I like waffles quite a lot.  I actually love waffles.  And today is the perfect opportunity to expound my waffle love by sharing my current favorite waffle recipe that is drop-dead-delicious.
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