An "Eat Me" cake called Upelkuchen, Roses that disapprove of being placed in pots

(Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland)

DRINK ME —  The potion Alice drinks to shrink is called Pishsolver. The cake she eats to grow is called Upelkuchen.  That cake has haunted me, begging to be made.  I made a tiny one for my first Alice scene, sitting on a little plate.  The cake was close to perfect, after I froze my TV screen on the cake from the movie and carefully sculpted it.  But the simple little cake wasn't enough, I thought how fun it would be to properly put it inside it's glass box, lined in red velvet.  I've always thought I would do it, and so tonight I began constructing the box of wood.  This is a picture of my tiny original cake.  Can you see it on the plate on the tree stump table?  It's a little blurry but you can get the idea.

Here is one I found online of an actual cake someone made that's edible:

Comiendo Upelkuchen y Bebiendo Pishsolver - YouTube

I'll post pictures after I finish it :)

Upelkuchen | Facebook
Upelkuchen. 66 likes · 2 talking about this. The cake says "EAT ME" If you eat it, it
will make you grow. Recipe: Two cups of flour, One cup of sugar, A...

And now for the roses.  I figured it would be really cool to make one of those grouchy roses, but in a pot instead of the ground so that it could be placed in an inside room for those of you who have inside Alice rooms.  And of course the roses will be highly upset over this :)  Look for them to have a lot to say about this, and they should have some angry little faces because of it as they sit in their pots.

After that I may do a Queen of Hearts cake.  We'll see.   


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