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1) To keep your nails from cracking around the edge, you need to file the nail with a medium to smooth file every 5 days. This will also strengthen the nail and at the same time will keep your own shape to the angle you need for contact point of play.

2) Take time out to TREAT your nails to Organic Oils. All you need to do is just brush the oil lightly across each of your cuticles and then rub the oil in. Repeat on the other hand as this is a great treatment before and after your sessions.

3) Although the all important Glue Repair is quick, easy and helps at that moment, remember glue dehydrates your nail plate so don't over glue on glue too much. It is always good to condition with your oil treatment as well for best results.

P.S. I would recommend that if you use glue covers constantly on
your nails to play, you should from time to time soak off
your old covers and replace them with fresh ones. Go to
product page for Soak off Kit.

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For your own nails, you can buy any number of nail strengtheners on the market.
Some are clear (or colored) polish that will leave your nails ...


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I took one or two every damn day at first and wowza did it make a ... I've been
trying to figure out why my nails are suddenly SO strong, stronger ...

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"I would not hesitate to recommend any Guitarist interested in nail care or strengthening nails to use Midge of AmazingNails4Guitarists."
Hugh Burns

"When I first met Midge Killen at Amazing Nails about eight years ago, I expected to be her firrst guitar-playing client. As it turned out, she had already developed lots of good techniques from working with flamenco players. She knows exactly how to work nails for clear, sharp tone on the guitar strings, with a thin lightweight shape that's very strong and practically unbreakable. An added bonus is that she can make acrylic nails look pretty much like your own. Midge's main concern is keeping nails healthy, so new nail applications don't have to be too frquent: you'll also find that your own nails get much stronger. Definitely recommended for guitar players!"
Kenny Scott

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