Acoustic grand piano Soundfont

Do you need quality piano sound ? Well, then this post is for you :) Acoustic grand piano is a free soundfont resembling a Yamaha Disklavier Pro piano. It is built from the Zenph Studios Yamaha Disklavier Pro Piano Multisamples performed by computer and specifically recorded for OLPC by Dr. Mikhail Krishtal, Director of Music Research and Production, and his team at Zenph Studios.

Current version of acoustic grand piano soundfont is pretty big - 132 MB, 116 samples, 44100Hz, 16bit. There's also older version of the soundfont based on the University of Iowa Musical Instrument Samples - 37.5 MB, Steinway & Sons piano, 13 samples, stereo, 44100Hz, 16bit.

Definitely one of the best, free soundfonts. How to load SF2 files ? You need sampler that support SF2 files - for example free Vember Audio Shortcircuit 1 can handle SF2 files pretty nice.

You can also download Soundfont player VST plugins such as:
- SFZ Sample Player - great but has problems with multicore processors.
- Bismark BS-0
- FrettedSynth SafFron


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