11 Ways To Make Nail Polish Last Longer on Nails

11 Ways To Make Nail Polish Last Longer on Nails

by Suma on November 14, 2010 · 38 comments

How to make your Nail Paint last longer on your nails

Makeup has always been one habit that has been indulged in by women since ages over various geographical locations. The makeup as such has been diverse and we women tend to bend towards particular types of make-up according to our liking and conveniene and sometimes even necessities . :) For example, Jane might love to experiment with lipsticks, while her best friend Sara would prefer using black kohls and eye liners, and still their another colleague Tina might just be in love with blushes and foundations. But you see ladies, whichever country you are from, whatever your job is and whatever your age might be, there is one cosmetic that binds us all, which is a staple with every woman… I am talking about NAIL PAINTS…

With nail paints almost a necessity for most of us, one issue that always stares in our faces is how to make them last long on our nails and delay their chipping… Nothing can be worse than detecting a chip however minor it is just after you have had your nails done. It’s just so not acceptable!

I have learnt a few tricks over the years that have helped me avoid stressing myself over chipping nails and I would like to share it with you guys… So here goes…

Nail Polish : 11 Ways To Make Nail Polish Last Longer on Nails
With nail polish almost a necessity for most of us, one issue that always stares in
our faces is how to make them last long on our nails & delay ...

  1. Before starting to apply nail polish you must remove all traces of the old nail polish.
  2. Even if your nails are devoid of any older polish, it is advised to dip a cotton ball in nail polish remover and rub it on your bare nails. This will help in getting rid of any traces of oil and hence make the polish stick to your nails rather than oil.
  3. Apply a base coat before applying nail polish. This will not only make your nail polish last longer but will also prevent yellow-ness of nails.
  4. Always apply double coat of a nail polish. However dark the shade is, a double coat is a must.
  5. Apply the second only after the first coat is completely dry.
  6. Apply your nail polish in thin layers. Thick layers tend to peel off.
  7. In order to delay chipping from the outer edges, lock your polish by applying it from the tip of your nails to under your nails. This will create a “cover” over your edges and hence, delay it from chipping.
  8. If you really have some more time in hand, you can also apply a transparent top coat over your nail paint. This will not only add an extra protective layer but will also impart a gloss :D
  9. You may also dip your nail in ice water (after applying the nail polish). The cold solidifies the nail polish.
  10. Also, keep your hands always moisturized.
  11. Avoid using your fingernails to remove staple wires or open canned drinks. This was obvious but worth mentioning ;)

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28 Dec 2010 ... The key to getting nail polish to last: preparation. "The best way to make your nail
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